What OnsoZoom customers say about us

Thank you for giving me new hope

Marina Boyko, Ukraine, Kharkiv
For us the diagnosis of prostate cancer sounded like a verdict, so it was important for me and my husband to get a second opinion before the operation. Not much time has passed yet, but I already realize that if I had not received an expert opinion from an experienced doctor from Israel, I would not have believed that everything was so serious and would have slowed down when it was necessary to fight and not to delay a day. Or could have followed a false trail. In the beginning it seemed like a mistake. Admittedly, even after the second opinion. But there was more understanding of what to do and why, and there were answers to all the questions, understanding of the consequences. We took 2 consultations in total, using the services of Oncozoom. Everything is clear and super professional. We were not frightened and were even given hope. We had the operation in Israel, but after a competent recommendation to do it there, as well as the recommendation of the doctor and clinic. At the moment my husband is feeling well and is under observation.