How to get an online video consultation with an Israeli doctor
Choose one of the specialists or referrals
A world-class expert will form an opinion about the patient's condition based on the medical documents provided and answer all questions and help:
  • Determine the stage of disease development and obtain recommendations for further treatment
  • Get a second opinion and adjust the diagnosis to avoid unnecessary errors
  • Taking into account all individual characteristics of the body, choose a more modern, effective or more gentle method of treatment
Before the consultation, contact us and send us the following documents:
(This is so that the physician can prepare for the online meeting)
  • Summary from the patient's attending physician + biopsy results in PDF/Word format
  • Laboratory results in PDF format
  • CT/MRI and ultrasound images in PDF format
Schedule a convenient date and time to schedule a consultation with your physician
Leave your contact information so we can help you choose a doctor and schedule your appointment. We will contact you as soon as possible
Download the latest version of the Zoom app for free
Downloading Zoom is very easy and will only take 5 minutes. It will give you the opportunity to do a consultation online. A link to the consultation will be sent once the consultation date has been scheduled
    Pay for a consultation online
    You will be able to pay for the consultation in any convenient way available on the site
    • Payment is made online from the comfort of your own home

    • You can pay officially in the bank, we will send you an invoice
    • After payment, you will receive access to your personal account, as well as confirmation of your consultation date and time
    What patients are saying about Oncozoom
    Here you can read reviews left by Oncozoom customers. Patients who have received a second opinion from oncologists from Israel share here their experience and impression of our service and the quality of the consultation provided
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